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Pro’s and Con’s of Screen Printing Vs. Heat Transfer

Come Get Customized is a local, Toronto, Ontario shop that can print a t-shirt in 5 minutes! Making a personalized t-shirt is an easy process – from picking the design to which t-shirt or to what kind of print style to get. Come Get Customized prints custom t-shirts three ways – Heat Transfer, Screen Printing and Vinyl Screening.

If you have never created a custom t-shirt before here are some Pro’s and Con’s for the printing styles Screen Printing and Heat Transfer.

Custom Screen Printing Pros

  1. The custom printed t-shirts lasts through at least twice as many washings as a heat transfer custom printed t-shirts.
  2. The print will be bright even on the darkest fabric.
  3. he process allows you to print on dark and colored custom t-shirts
  4. If you order over 10 t-shirts the price less than the cost of heat transfer prints.
  5. Screen printing is a complex process that ensures the highest quality prints.

Screen Printed T-shirt Cons

  1. It is recommended you print 10 t-shirts or more.

Pros for Iron-On Printed T-Shirts

  1. You are able to print in multiple colours.
  2. Can be inexpensive
  3. Come Get Customized can create custom printed heat transfer t-shirt in 5 minutes!

Cons for Iron-On Printed T-Shirts

  1. They last only through 25 washing
  2. The ink may bleed while washing.
  3. You should experiment on a sample t-shirt first.
  4.  They do not look as professional as screen printed t-shirts.
  5. You only can print on lightly coloured t-shirts.
  6.  The print is stiff and not as precise.
  7.  The print does not breath well and, therefore, may provoke sweating.
  8.  The colors are not as bright.

Without a doubt, custom screen printed t-shirts are better in quality than heat transfer t-shirts.  Come Get Customized specializes in all t-shirt printings whether you would like to have a heat transfer t-shirt or a screen printed t-shirt. All designs are checked before the t-shirt printing process begins to ensure all t-shirts are printed to the highest quality possible.

If you have any more questions about custom printed t-shirts, Come Get Customized – Toronto, Ontario’s local custom t-shirt shop can help you out! Contact Come Get Customized today!










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