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Jazz Up Your Bachelor Party with Creative Custom T-Shirts


Bachelor parties are meant to be exciting, fun, and 100% memorable for everyone involved. If you’re the best man and you’re looking for a few unique ideas, why not consider custom bachelor party t-shirts from Toronto Tees? You can design your own shirts on our website or in one of our locations, and you can be as simple or as creative as you’d like. Here are some of our favorite custom bachelor party t-shirt design ideas based on the groom’s favorite things.

If the Groom is a Gamer

Video games are incredibly popular among men of all ages, so if the husband-to-be is into his console or PC games, there are some outstanding ideas from which to choose. One of our favorite custom bachelor party t-shirts has an image of a pixelated bride and groom standing beside each other with the words “Game Over” printed under them. It’s funny, and as many married men can attest, it’s at least partially true.

If the Groom is a Musician

Does the husband-to-be play an instrument or lend his vocal skills to a local band? If so, you can create bachelor party printed t-shirts to celebrate this. One of the absolute best ideas we’ve seen is “Groom’s Farewell Tour ‘18”, with the grooms actual name used, instead. On the back, you can create a fake playlist that consists of songs like, “My Guitar Already Misses Me,” or even take a few classics from history like, “The Day the Music Died.”

If the Groom is into Star Wars

There’s simply no situation in which custom bachelor party t-shirts with a Star Wars theme can go wrong, especially when you add your own personal flair. For example, you could use the familiar image of the bride and groom but replace the bride’s head with the Death Star. One of the best (and funniest) options is a silhouetted image of a groom in a tux and a bride in her gown, but the bride’s head is in the shape of Darth Vader’s mask. Along the bottom is the phrase, “Joining the Dark Side” with the familiar image of a ball and chain – except the ball is the Death Star.

If the Groom Loves His Brews

If the groom’s into beer, there’s a good chance the bachelor party will be an event for the ages. Why not start things off right with the appropriate custom bachelor party t-shirts? Start with a traditional baseball-style tee, put last names and numbers on the back much like an actual jersey, but on the front, instead of a team name, put “Groom’s Drinking Team”. Then, on the back of the groom’s shirt, be sure to put the word “Groom” and perhaps just below it in smaller letters, “Captain”.

When it comes to bachelor party t-shirt design, Toronto Tees provides numerous options in terms of garments, colors, and customization. You can go to our website and check out our easy-to-use design tool, or you can stop in to one of our two Toronto locations to get your bachelor party t-shirts printed on the spot.


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